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Quasar for NT8 3 Profitable trade set-ups with Quasar Quasar performs the best in choppy and or volatile markets when trend indicators fail. It is very useful for trading a number of very profitable set- ups Set-Up 1 . Major Reversal After the market had a major move in a short space of time can […]

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Reversion for NT8 Reversion finds High probability Reversion / Diversion points based on Volume Profile and Accurately forecasts exit targets and stoploss levels. It also plots a trailing stoploss level. Please follow and like us:

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Dots For NT8 Dots finds High probability Reversion / Diversion points based on Volume Profile and Detect trend changes fast and efficiently. It also plots Deviation bands along the trend. Please follow and like us:

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Q-Volume NT8

Q – Volume for NT8 Volume is one of the best forecasters of price movements. Large and steep price moves coupled with increased and significant volume at the end of the move signals a very likely reversal point and at the very least a new significant support or resistance level. Q-Volume filters the volume to […]

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Q-Micro Trends NT8

    Micro Trends for NT8  finds very short term Momentum trade – set -ups . Once an arrow Up or Down is plotted the price generally moves in the direction of the trend for a couple of ticks. It also plots the previous cycle high or low with color coded dots. Please note – […]

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Q-SuperTrend NT8

Q- SuperTrend aims to find the Major trend and  then plot a curve along the most probable trajectory of the trend. It also plots dots for Major Turning Points – These Turning Points displays areas of future support and resistance . Please note these plots are plotted in retrospect. Q-SuperTrend works well with any Bar Type […]

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Q – Curve for NT8 is our most advanced trend finding indicator to date. It utilizes the most advanced filtering and pattern finding techniques to detect trend changes faster and more accurately than ever before. It plots a near noiseless curve along the trend – Minimal whipsaw. The curve adapts faster than any moving average […]

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SR Grid – VS

SR Grid-VS creates a visually pleasing and informative grid. It uses Volume profile and Volatility Metrics rather than Turning Points as with SR -Grid to detect areas of Support and Resistance. It adjusts the color and width of these plots according to the recency and significance of these levels. The Plots are fully customizable. We […]

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Q Ranger establishes a range until that range gets broken when it will establish the next expected range. Please follow and like us:

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Trender NT8

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