Q- Adaptive Support And Resistance NT8

This indicator is very similar to Q-Next but adds a trailing support or resistance level as well as a weighted mean.

It accurately detects trend changes and estimate the Next support or resistance level as the trend develops.

As a resistance level gets broken it finds the next resistance level higher. Vice Versa for down trends.

When a trend is perceived to be failing it adjusts the support or resistance against the trend.

Q-Next adjust to:

  • Periods of volatility shocks.
  • Slow trending periods.
  • Fast trending periods.
  • Periods when the market is range bound.

It has 5 optimization parameters that needs to be optimized to accurately filter out the noise, detect the trend and model the indicator to the instrument`s unique characteristics.

a Optimization strategy is included in the download. Simply run an optimization on the parameters.

Watch a video of Q- Adaptive Support And Resistance in action …



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Q- Adaptive Support And Resistance NT8

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