Reversals is a fully automated strategy for NT8.

  • It trades at a  low frequency for relatively large profits
  • Trading costs are low
  • It utilizes predominately market orders to ensure fills
  • No Optimization necessary
  • The user can specify the times and days at which the strategy will trade
  • The user can set the max % of the account to risk per day and per trade

  • Reversals increases the position size with the growth in account size
  • It effectively manages the position sizing of your account based on the risk/ reward of each trade and the account size
  • Due to the above, we can effectively increase our trade size, thus increasing alpha whilst keeping the risk contained
  • Minimum account size is $ 1000 – the strategy will trade the minimum of 1 contract until the accrued profits allow for an increase
  • The user are however able to set the trade size and risk parameters

  • In our test we started with a $ 5000 account, risked a maximum of 10% of our account per trade and per day
  • The initial trade size started at 3 contracts and grew to over 70 contracts per trade
  • The maximum loss was only achieved at this trade size  when the account was large enough to make this loss in line with the maximum loss limit

  • Reversal achieved positive daily returns for nearly every day in our test




Please note that this free trail is valid for 7 days only.

This strategy requires Tick data as well as Minute data to work correctly

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