SR Grid – VS

SR Grid-VS creates a visually pleasing and informative grid.

It uses Volume profile and Volatility Metrics rather than Turning Points as with SR -Grid to detect areas of Support and Resistance.

It adjusts the color and width of these plots according to the recency and significance of these levels.

The Plots are fully customizable.

We relate the levels and colors to a Calendar year and four Seasons.

The 3 most recent levels created are the ‘youngest” and arguably more significant and so we relate the colors to Spring – Green hues;

The 4th to 6th most recent levels we relate the colors to Summer- Blue hues;

The 7th to 9th most recent levels we relate the colors to Autumn- Oranges and Yellows.

The 10th to 12th most recent levels we relate the colors to Winter – Browns;

We also decrease the Plot thickness as the Level gets older.


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SR Grid – VS

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