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Trender is a fully Automated Trading Strategy for NT8.

  • It finds High Frequency Trading opportunities along a forecast trend.
  • Trender was developed with risk as the starting point. It employs many different Stoploss strategies in order to reduce the overall risk and draw-downs to a minimum.
  • It enters trades as frequently as is profitable and only scalps the market.
  • Please see the other tabs for more details..

What is in the Numbers?
  • The results are based on the period 7 February 2018 to 13 November 2018.
  • 1 Contract was traded per trade. If the trade size is increased with the growth in profits the results will differ significantly.
  • The Strategy was designed for ES. We have not fully tested it on other instruments yet but will do so in due course.
  • The Strategy in our test was based on 1 minute data to build the model. The order execution logic utilizes tick data for its algorythm.
  • Other time periods should work as well.
  • PLEASE NOTE : These results are theoretical and should differ from actual trading results. Past performance does NOT guarantee future results. We do our best to overcome the disparities between theoretical and practical but this is still not perfect. We recommend that you back-test and optimize this strategy yourself , run it with Market Replay data , then run it on a Simulation account for an extended period in the Live Market before you commit real capital to it.  When you commit real money start as small as possible.
Cumulative Profit and Loss

Daily Profit and Loss

Cumulative Maximum Drawdown


  • The Strategy has 6 Optimization variables to model the Strategy to the instrument under study.
  • MaxPositionSize – set your desired trade size in number of contracts.
  • MaxStopLossTicks – Set the absolute maximum stoploss you want to bear in ticks.
  • MinTradeSizeTicks – The minimum amount of ticks you are willing to trade for.
  • The Standard settings should work well but a little optimization every 3- 6 months is recommended.
  • We recommend optimizing over 3 month periods.


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