Quasar for NT8

3 Profitable trade set-ups with Quasar
Quasar performs the best in choppy and or volatile markets when trend indicators fail. It is very useful for trading a number of very profitable set- ups
Set-Up 1 . Major Reversal
After the market had a major move in a short space of time can expect a reversal, but from where and when?
Looking at the image above we can see that the market made a big and fast move down form A – B.
The indicator then finds the exhaustion point as indicated by the green dot.
It then plots a trailing stoploss line (Green) as well as entry price line (Blue arrows Up).
So , we would like to enter Long between these to lines.
Next we have find Take Profit level/s. This we do by either exiting at the first exit level (dotted Yellow line) or waiting for the next reversal point to be generated (Purple dot ).
We can also choose to exit a portion of the position at each level. We will leave the rest to your own creativity.
We don’t want the market to move below the Dark Green line as this indicates a trailing support level.
We will have to execute a stoploss if the market moves significantly below this level.
Set-Up 2. Break-Out
When the market had consolidated in a range for a good deal of time we can expect a break-out from this range.
As you can see in the chart above the market was range bound between points A and E. We received a reversal Buy point at point F and the market broke out upwards from this range.
We can exit the trade if the price moves below the Green curve or exit at the next reversal point. Or exit in parts at both scenarios.
Stoplosses can be placed just below the Green reversal point at point F.
Set-Up 3. Momentum Bounce
Here the market was trending down as indicated by  A, B and C.
It then broke that down trend and found resistance at point D.
Since the larger trend is still strongly up as we can see with the trendline (drawn by hand) we can enter a Long position at point E knowing that it is a strong support level.
We would exit the trade if the price goes significantly below the Green curve or we get another reversal point or a combination of both.
Stoplosses can be placed just below the support level.
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