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Quasar for NT8

Is more than an indicator. It is essentially a very profitable trading system.

For more information and to learn a number of profitable trade set-ups created by this indicator, please follow this link

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Q – Volume for NT8

Volume is one of the best forecasters of price movements.

Large and steep price moves coupled with increased and significant volume at the end of the move signals a very likely reversal point and at the very least a new significant support or resistance level.

Q-Volume filters the volume to determine what volume is significant  and plots this.

It also changes the color of the volume bars according to:

  1. a Lot of consecutive Green Bars followed by Red signals a very likely reversal.
  2. a Lot of consecutive Red Bars signals a strong support / resistance level.
  3. Generally , if the blue (significant – filtered – volume)  plot exceeds its Volatility forecast coupled with 1 or 2 above, we can expect a significant price move.
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Better Bollinger


Bollinger Bands is an effective and very popular indicator based on a moving average and a volatility measure above and below the average.

Indicators based on moving averages generally suffers from tardiness. Being slow does not help anyone get anywhere fast, especially our trading success.

Our Better-Bollinger Indicator succeeds in this goal by replacing the moving average with our Proprietary smoothing algorithm and replacing the volatility forecast with our Proprietary volatility forecasting model.

Effective smoothing removes most of the whipsaw associated with averages and trend-following indicators without slowing it down too much.
Effectively forecasting the volatility allows for better range forecasts. Using a measure of the past average for this goal leaves our indicator lagging behind.

Combining the above allows us to also accurately detect trend changes.

So , we have an indicator that detect trend changes fast and accurately , we remove the noise and whipsaw effect and we have a very accurate volatility forecast that adapts fast and efficiently to changing market conditions.

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